AVS Marine Offshore Ltd.


AVS Marine offshore Ltd


AVS Marine offshore Ltd is a joint-venture between two companies which are interlinked in the worldwide shipping. Both companies were established more than ten years ago. Both have years relation among both society, Globemar S.A. and Somafall Services Ltd are united in their desire to develop an excellent service for global shipping. Our personal knowledge of the shipping business has arisen throughout the professional experience of more than 25 years, including seagoing experience on merchant fleet all over the world. Our dedication and previous business track record are guarantees for our successful undertaking of complex and challenging tasks.

Globemar S.A. has its headquarters located in Las Palmas, Spain. The company has a local office in Bourgas, Bulgaria. The company’s main activities were the management of general cargo vessels and tankers operating mainly in East Atlantic and Mediterranean sea. It has been involved in operation and technical management, supplying, insurance and crewing, chartering and bunkering.


With the implementation of ISM code from 1st of July 2002 and the company security rules both on board the vessels and offices the company guarantees safely operation at global seas and international ports. In addition crewmembers employed on board of our vessels, holding certificates as per STCW 78/94 have been training before joining the vessels.


Somafall Services Limited was incorporated in 1997 and having a certificate from Nigerian port authorities as a register shipping company/agent for operation in all Nigerian ports. Through the years the Company has become an important shipping agent providing a high-quality service for the major world shipping corporations. The company’s are of expertise consist of offshore logistic i.e. procurement of service boats, security boats, anchor handling tugs, offshore/inland water barges and tugs, port and customs agency, bunkering and ship chandler.

The decision for the creation of AVS Marine offshore Ltd was undertaken after analyzing the opportunities in offshore business and the goal is to become stronger and accurate in the marine services that we offer. AVS Marine offshore Ltd is focusing in a West Africa district as it is one of the prosperous and rapidly growing regions with many opportunities for this industry.